Medical Malpractice Lawyer Roanoke VA

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Roanoke, VA, attorney Rob Dean fights for patients injured by medical mistakes, medical errors, and medical indifference. Mr. Dean is a former state prosecutor who brings a tough, no-nonsense approach to Roanoke medical malpractice cases.

You may have several questions about your case:

  • Was my doctor, nurse, or hospital negligent?
  • What are my rights as a patient under Virginia law?
  • Can the law help me and my family recover from my injuries?
  • Is the negligent party responsible for my past and future medical bills?
  • How can I file a claim to ensure this does not happen to someone else?

Mr. Dean has experience handling medical malpractice cases in state and federal courts in Roanoke, VA. He knows that cases of medical negligence can occur in a variety of settings. He has worked on cases involving:

  • Drug errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Testing errors
  • Hospital negligence, and
  • Nursing home negligence

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Roanoke, VA, Mr. Dean’s office can help answer each of your questions. We will determine if you have a case under Virginia medical malpractice law and provide you with a detailed analysis of your case. The initial case evaluation is free and confidential.

The decision to speak to a medical malpractice lawyer might be one of the most important choices your family makes to protect a loved one. But not only are you protecting your family – by holding health care providers accountable for substandard care, you help improve health care for everyone.

Roanoke VA Medical Malpractice

Consider a recent study measuring rates of medical malpractice nationwide, including in the Roanoke, VA, region:

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, less than 1% of doctors are responsible for nearly 33% of medical malpractice claims.

But despite evidence that medical negligence is an unreasonable risk to patients, the New England Journal of Medicine has noted that in can be difficult for medical professionals to regulate their own profession. Doctors and other health care providers face extraordinary pressure to overlook substandard care when a colleague negligently injures a patient. Or, due to the complexity of the medical industry, well-intentioned medical professionals may be unaware when a systemic problem causes harm.

That’s why the decision to pursue a claim can make a difference. If you believe a medical provider has injured a loved one, it is important to act now to get answers. Virginia law generally requires that medical malpractice cases be filed within two years of the date of negligence. A Roanoke, VA, medical malpractice lawyer can investigate what happened, talk to experts, and provide you and your family with answers.

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The first step is to schedule a free consultation to discuss what happened.

When you contact my office, we will review the course of treatment, gather up the medical records, and discuss a strategy to investigate the cause of the medical malpractice. For many families, this is the number one goal when a loved is harmed: the medical provider has refused to give an explanation, and the family needs answers. As a Roanoke, VA, medical malpractice lawyer, we can help. You can protect a loved one, and by acting now you can hold medical providers accountable to ensure these costly mistakes are not repeated.

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